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Employer Branding & Employee Experience

We uncover your culture, make it enticing through storytelling and create a frictionless experience that wows candidates and employees alike.

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Culture Building & Culture Hacks

We empower you to test and model the behaviours you wish to see throughout your organisation.

For a great workplace culture that is alive in everyone's actions, every day.

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Workshop Facilitation & Meeting Design

We carefully design your gatherings to meet your organisation’s goals and aspirations. So that every meeting becomes a showcase for the way you collaborate and what you value.





Hanno Renner

CEO at Personio 


“This is so us”, were the first words that sprang to mind when we read the final version of our newly created Personio Code. We already have a strong culture but after revisiting our

Values and Operating Principles, they now truly capture every aspect of how we

collaborate today – allowing us to inspire new generations of talent

andto scale our culture as we grow internationally.


The Personio Code serves us as motivation, guides our decision making

and increases how we all identify with our culture.

With Andrea’s & Stephanie’s support we have a super solid foundation

for scaling our culture as we pursue our ambitious growth plans. 


We loved the collaboration and wholeheartedly recommend Andrea & Stephanie to anyone who wants to capture the essence of their company culture in a tangible and inspiring way to consolidate, change or future proof it.




Christoph Müller-Hoecker /

Head of Organizational Development / 

A global insurance provider in Munich




Alice Belin /

Senior Marine Policy Officer /

Seas At Risk / Brussels




Daniel Strohmayr / 

CEO at tacterion/



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Authenticity meets aspiration

We believe culture is what is happening when no one is looking. 

So we take our time to dig deep and understand what is. And then we dream together with you to imagine the future.

We use our Service Design toolkit, Design Thinking experience and human-centred lens to frame your organisation's challenges, to bring  everyone along on the journey and to design processes, rituals and solutions that move you towards the workplace of your dreams. 

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It's a journey

We believe culture is a living organism and not set in stone. Empowered in the right way, every interaction becomes an opportunity for positive change. 


We design our collaborations as a process where we value long term impact over short sighted decisions and co-creation over working with a selected few. We give a voice to your people and invite multiple perspectives to tell us the stories that make your workplace. Together we decide on tangible experiments allowing you to hack your own culture from within. And if you lack inspiration, we have a ton of brain teasing examples that spark ideas as you are starting your own journey.

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Confetti, sparkle, unicorns

We believe in magic - the moment when many brains connect and contribute to something bigger, the joy of achieving a big milestone by uplifting each other, the pleasure of ideas bouncing around the room and taking off to the moon.

We design our processes and interactions for these moments to emerge using facilitation techniques like Liberating Structures and Open Space Technology, co-creation methods like collective Storytelling and Brainwriting and collaborative tools like Miro, Mural and Circles.



CultureByDesign is a culture consultancy for workplaces looking to intentionally design their people experience to wow employees and candidates alike.

At CultureByDesign, we help organisations design the workplace culture of their dreams. We do so by helping you uncover your current company culture, by visualising what a desired culture could look like and by mindfully designing practical measures for this aspirational culture to come alive.

We founded CultureByDesign to support Leadership, People & Culture and Employer Branding teams in gaining clarity and in actively shaping their workplace culture to attract the talent they need, that will enjoy being part of the team and contribute to the organisation's long term success story.

Andrea Strohmayr

Over the past 15 years Andrea has been working in, with and for creative agencies and big corporates, Fortune 500 and small start-ups, a future unicorn and dinosaurs, fast growing scale ups and public institutions. From HR tech to hardware, from financial sector to care homes, her experience spans across a large variety of industries.


Seeing and experiencing how different and yet similar all these types of businesses go about organising their work and defining how to work together was eye-opening, mind-blowing and thought-provoking.


Over the past 5 years she has been intrigued by New Ways of Working and the Future of Work. And how we can mindfully design a way of collaborating that works for a given organisation with a particular purpose at a certain moment.


Her mission is to open minds to open up possibilities, to inspire and to empower every organisation she works with to have a culture that is not just happening but one that is deliberately shaped and actively lived for the benefit of all parties involved.

Stephanie Berger

Stephanie supports businesses developing a human-centered focus and making happy customers and engaged employees. This can mean understanding the 'Why' of your customer or helping you uncover the existant culture and shape a new innovative work environment.

As a facilitator, she designs bespoke formats to tap into the collective intelligence of the team. As a Service Design coach, she captures the shared assumptions in the room and transform them into testable hypotheses. She also has supported the transformation teams in communicating the agile transformation to their employees, hereby accelerating the implementation.

She has coached teams in Dutch, French, and English.


Stephanie has worked for policy agencies and SMEs, as well as for larger companies, such as ING and KBC.

We work with a vast network of experts to ensure we have the right people and perfect skill match for

each project. Some of our favourite collaborations and best projects so far were made possible thanks to

the support of Magda Lechowicz, Line Mørkbak and Kilian Moser.



Munich, Brussels, around the globe - the world is our oyster. We are nomads at heart and set up our business in a way that we can work from just anywhere.

German, English, Dutch, French - choose your lingua, we are curious to learn more about what we can help you with! 

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